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Collecting Recyclable Metals to Create New Products


When you have a truckload of scrap metals ready for recycling, choose only the services of Saul Goode Industries in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been serving various businesses and communities, picking up their items and materials to our recycling facility.

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What We Recycle

We accept items that are steel, aluminum, copper, stainless, brass, and lead. Aside from raw metals, we also recycle appliances and electronics no longer in use.

Please drain all freon. We do not accept CRT monitors.

Weighing and Payment

Most materials will be weighed at our facility. Once we have determined the weight of your materials, a ticket will be issued, and you can either pick up the payment at our facility or receive it via mail.

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Why Choose Us

When working with clients, we maintain a friendly and professional business relationship. We enjoy teaching our customers about materials so they can have a better understanding and how material is graded.  We also offer a generous amount of pay for various materials and strive to be locally competitive. Please call for our most updated pricing on materials.

An Efficient Process

When coming to our facility with scrap material, you will first proceed to the main scale for a ticket. After weighing the material, you can move forward for payment or continue to our warehouse through door 5 for non-ferrous materials and proceed to check out after. This process can also be done in reverse, depending on your preference. We will require a valid ID to scrap any material at our yard.

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Connect with us

For more details about our service, send a message to our company today. We will ensure to address all your concerns promptly.